Sam + Scheon | Couples Shoot, Staten Island, New York

It’s belated but this is a small anniversary gift for my brother and his girlfriend Sam. They’d gone to Hawaii with friends as a vacation/anniversary celebration recently. Being that I’m his brother and a photographer, I’m always bothering him about taking good photos and whatnot. I think he did just fine on this trip.

Over the past 21 years, we’ve fought, we’ve cried, and we’ve grown. Although he might not show it he’s always supported me in most of what I did (emphasis on most), as long as it was a smart idea. . . In the past 2 years that Scheon and Sam have been together, I’ve seen him change. The way he talks, the way he holds himself, and who he is now, you wouldn’t think he was the same person if you’d seen him back then. He’s changed for the better. After an arduous journey in his life that left him almost as a half-person, he’s found his other half. In classic brotherly fashion, he won’t show his emotions. But I know that he’s okay now. Better than ever if you will. Though we’ll always fight and we’ll always have our differences, I want you to know that I support all that you do, and all that you set out to do. It might not ever amount to what you’ve done for me, but I hope you can see what I see.

Sam, you’ve done more than you’ll ever know for Scheon. I’m forever grateful. It’s something that I would never be able to do. It’s made an impact on all of our lives, and I hope that Scheon has done the same for you. The past year hasn’t been exactly in your favor, but I know that Scheon will take care of you, he’ll always be on your side. He’ll always be with you on your midnight journeys out for food, the random Target trips, and laying in bed with Muji. I hope that you’ll be there too.

I’ll save a few words for the end. For now, this is Sam and Scheon.

My final few words. I’m honored to have been a part of this. I wish the best for both of you, no matter where your lives may take you. I know that you’ll find a home in each other. Make sure that you continue to share all those small quiet moments with each other — nurture them if you will. Sam, you’re always welcome here. Whatever it is that you need, know that you’re family here so. . . just let us know anytime.

there’s no need to think of time.

Music: Porter Robinson – Blossom